Harlem by New Politics

      by New Politics



The song "Harlem" by New Politics was released as a single in late 2012, but didn't really pick up steam until late 2013.  As of early 2014 the song seems like it's everywhere.  Besides the radio, you may have heard it in commercials for the Disney movie Frozen, or in commercials for the Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Locos.  Mike Viola is listed as a co-writer on the song, without having any other writing or producing credits on the album.  So, what's the story behind Mike's involvement with the song?

Here's what Mike had to say about it:

I was sent a track by their manager and I instantly thought of a party song involving the apes from 2001.  sang some ideas into my cellphone while driving to pick my daughter up from school.  the next day I got an email back saying 'cool they love it', and that was that.  never met them before, but they are from one of my favorite cities in the world, Copenhagen, so I bet we'd be fast friends and party on the moon together no problem.