Live in Copenhagen Revisited

      by Mike Viola, Tim Christensen and Tracy Bonham



In June of 2012, Mike Viola joined his friend Tracy Bonham and the Danish musician Tim Christensen at the Vega in Copenhagen to celebrate the 70th birthday of Sir Paul McCartney.  In celebration of Paul’s birthday, the trio performed McCartney’s album Ram in its entirety.  The show was recorded and released as an album and DVD in January of 2013. 

Nearly a year after the historic concert, the trio reunited for two shows in May of 2013 at the music hall at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, one of the works oldest amusement parks.  During these concerts, Viola, Bonham and Christensen performed their own original material, both solo and accompanying each other.

The acoustics in the legendary music hall are glorious and the recordings of the shows are some of the best we’ve heard. is happy to share Mike’s solo songs from this concert.  Notable among them is a unique three-part harmony arrangement of “A Way To Say Goodbye”.

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