Pax-Am Days

      by Fall Out Boy

TrackTitleWritten By
1 We Were Doomed from the Start (The King Is Dead)Fall Out Boy
2 Art of Keeping Up DisappearancesFall Out Boy
3 Hot To the Touch, Cold On the InsideFall Out Boy
4 Love, Sex, DeathFall Out Boy
5 Eternal SummerFall Out Boy
6 DemigodsFall Out Boy
7 American MadeFall Out Boy
8 Caffeine ColdFall Out Boy


Mike produced this straight ahead punk EP along with Ryan Adams.  Recorded during a marathon 48-hour session at Pax-Am Studios, Fall Out Boy entered the studio with just a handful of "ideas".   Two days later, an EP was born - and it was an album that many Fall Out Boy fans had been waiting to hear, devoid of the band's usual slick hooks.  After they left the studio, no one knew what would become of the songs but they eventually made their way onto vinyl and were released exclusively on Record Store Day 2013.  The tracks are now available as a digital download as well.