Don’t Break My Fall

      by Mike Viola & Snap

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Don’t Break My FallMike Viola
2 RainbowsMike Viola
3 I Don’t Wanna Die A Pizza MakerMike Viola
4 Room For One MoreMike Viola



"WARNING: I do not like these records at all, they bum me out.  that being said, I don't want to stand in the way of the archive by self editing or revisionism.  I will however, give you a context: 

The album was, again, never released.  It was made for promo. I was working full time and writing songs when I could.   Another strange artifact from the Hillside days.  I was afraid to speak up most of the time and disagree with what I was hearing -  for a few reasons.  I had no father to teach me that, or a father to rebel against and learn that, so... I was nice... kept quiet... and learned.  During this time I really learned how to sing.  you can't hear it on these recordings, but the Bennett brothers were teaching me the art of repetitive takes, how to sing the same thing over and over till it's right.  A tool I use in my tool box to this day."  - MV