Get Him To The Greek

      by Various Artists

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Furry WallsMike Viola, Dan Ber...
2 The ClapMike Viola and Dan Bern
3 I Am JesusMike Viola and Dan Bern
4 African Child (Trapped In Me)Mike Viola
5 Little BirdMike Viola
6 Searching For a FatherMike Viola and Dan Bern


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Mike's second film collaboration with songwriter Dan Bern, Mike is credited as writer or co-writer on six of the songs on the soundtrack.  Interestingly, the song "Searching for a Father" never appears in the film (and has nothing to do with the plot) but the filmmakers liked it so much, they included it on the soundtrack.  Mike appears as a band member at the end of the film during the "Furry Walls" segment.

The film also marked Viola's second time working with his friend, producer Judd Apatow, following up on the 2007 release "Walk Hard".

As opposed to a traditional soundtrack format, the soundtrack was packaged to appear as a complete rock album by the fictional group "Infant Sorrow" led by Russell Brand.