Acousto de Perfecto

      by Mike Viola

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Secret RadioMike Viola
2 Happy and NormalMike Viola
3 Date NightMike Viola
4 Primary Care GiverMike Viola
5 I’m Your DogMike Viola
6 Thing In CMike Viola
7 El Mundo de PerfectoMike Viola
8 Soundtrack Of My SummerMike Viola
9 Closet CutterMike Viola
10 Hair Of The DogMike Viola
11 Tony Leather TipsMike Viola
12 God Give Me StrengthBurt Bacharach and ...


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This 2012 limited release was an acoustic companion piece to Mike's dynamic 2011 release, "Electro De Perfecto".  Eschewing the power trio sound of "Electro" for a more organic feel, "Acousto" features an acoustic Viola with Eric Summer and Kate Reddish on strings.  The first half of the album consists of six new songs (one instrumental), including "I'm Your Dog", co-written with Inara George (Mike's duet partner for the "Just Before Dark" recording of "A Way To Say Goodbye").  The second half of the album features four Viola classics reworked in an acoustic setting and flushed out by Summer and Reddish's viola work.  The album concludes with an unlisted track, a beautiful cover of Elvis Costello's "God Give Me Strength", a song featured in the 1996 movie "Grace Of My Heart".