Hang on Mike (Vinyl Re-issue)

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 What To Do With MichaelMike Viola
2 Nice To Know YouMike Viola
3 Unexpected TrafficMike Viola
4 Kiss Alive IIMike Viola
5 Hang On MikeMike Viola
6 PainkillersMike Viola
7 SuperkidMike Viola
8 Not So Bad At AllMike Viola
9 Let’s Have A BabyMike Viola
10 CharlieMike Viola
11 Sparkle!Mike Viola
12 Hunker DownMike Viola


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The 2010 vinyl re-issue of Hang on Mike included a digital download of 27 additional tracks (mostly studio outtakes and early demos).  There were several complete new songs that appeared however, including the beautiful ballad "Water by the Bed".  One interesting addition is a home demo of a new song referenced as "Tomorrow's Another Day".  This song evolved of the next couple of years to eventually become "Hair of the Dog" (first appearing on 2005's "Just Before Dark").  The song later resurfaced in the demo form on the 2008 Major Labels album "Aquavia"