Idée Fixe

      by Mike Viola

TrackTitleWritten By
1 American TunePaul Simon
2 Freeze MiserMaury Laws and Jule...
3 Kiss Alive IIMike Viola
4 Life MagazineMike Viola
5 A Way To Say GoodbyeMike Viola
6 Muscle Of RainMike Viola
7 SuperkidMike Viola
8 Too Much Going OnMike Viola
9 Stoned MomeyMike Viola
10 What To Do With MichaelMike Viola
11 Unexpected TrafficMike Viola
12 Love Like HerMike Viola
13 The Genius of Voice MonsterMike Viola
14 Tulips From HollandMike Viola


A collection of covers, demos, alternative versions and unreleased tracks that was distributed on CD-R by Mike at live shows as bonus material while promoting "Hang On Mike".