Let’s Get Serious (EP)

      by Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Killing FloorMike Viola
2 Falling Into PlaceMike Viola
3 CherubinoMike Viola
4 What Will You Do With Your HandsMike Viola
5 I Want You To Come HomeMike Viola
6 Happy Birthday RisbeeMike Viola


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Springing forth from Sony/RPM in the spring of 1999, this EP teased us on the full-length album on it’s way. Containing two tracks from Falling Into Place and four bonus numbers that ping-ponged wildly from aching acoustic pleas to wiggly synth pop to a personal birthday song for Mike’s niece. (“Happy Birthday Risbee”, the only remotely happy song on the EP).

“I had been writing and recording a lot during the down time between record deals. This seemed like a cool way to get some of it out there.” “Garth Hudson played on Falling Into Place. We were messing around in the studio really late at night, he was playing Ellington’s Caravan on his crazy keyboard set up. We were having a blast when he just sort of blurted ‘Let’s get serious! ‘ So I did.”