Bang-A-Lang (The Fall of Man)

      by Mike Viola & Snap

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Bang-A-LangMike Viola
2 Risk My LoveMike Viola
3 House of CardsMike Viola
4 Lady MadonnaLennon and McCartney
5 Baby, I TriedMike Viola



"WARNING: I do not like these records at all, they bum me out.  that being said, I don't want to stand in the way of the archive by self editing or revisionism.  I will however, give you a context: 

This WAS released!  Getting a little better with everything on this record... starting to show signs of something original.  the demos for this are incredible... well... what I mean is... they are raw and cooler I guess.  but once again, this record, like the 2 EPs before it, were more a learning experience for me.  Instead of going to college and learning how to make music, I recorded in my friends basement and learned that way."  - MV