Lurch (Japanese Release)

      by Mike Viola

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Maybe, Maybe NotMike Viola / Mary Wood
2 Girly WormMike Viola
3 All Bent Out Of ShapeMike Viola
4 The Strawberry BlondeMike Viola
5 Dangerously CloseMike Viola
6 279 East 10th StreetMike Viola
7 It Comes In WavesMike Viola
8 So Much BetterMike Viola
9 Snowman In Tompkins ParkMike Viola
10 When I Hold You In My ArmsMike Viola
11 That Part Of Me Is DeadMike Viola
12 You’re Alright But You Never Admit When You’re WrongMike Viola
13 Good Ideas Grow On TreesMike Viola
14 Find Somebody To LoveMike Viola
15 Something ElectricMike Viola



Identical to the US release except for the inclusion of the bonus CD tracks "Somebody to Love" and "Something Electric".