Making Up Time (Japanese Release)

      by Candy Butchers

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Making Up TimeMike Viola
2 What I Won’t GiveMike Viola
3 Brother’s BackMike Viola
4 Black Eyed SusanMike Viola
5 Come On GirlMike Viola
6 Bruises and BeautymarksMike Viola
7 Not So SureMike Viola
8 CircusMike Viola
9 Jerkwater CountyMike Viola
10 Jerry RiggedMike Viola
11 Can’t Get Close Enough To YouMike Viola
12 Blue BethuneMike Viola


Identical to the US release aside from the inclusion of two bonus tracks - the catchy "Can't Get Close Enough To You" and the instrumental "Blue Bethune".