Beautiful Ride (Radio Broadcasts)

      by Mike Viola

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Canned HuntMike Viola
2 Girly WormMike Viola
3 Not So Bad At AllMike Viola
4 Beautiful RideMike Viola and Dan Bern
5 Sparkle!Mike Viola
6 Let’s Have A BabyMike Viola
7 I’m Not Over YouMike Viola
8 What To Do With MichaelMike Viola
9 Hair Of The DogMike Viola
10 A Way To Say GoodbyeMike Viola



A collection of live radio performances compiled by the blog Pop Fair.  The tracks span Mike's career, from the Blue Thumb album through Lurch, with one track not available anywhere else. He performs his own version of "Beautiful Ride" from Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox Story (Viola and Dan Bern wrote the music for John C. Reilly to sing in this 2007 mocumentary). Also of note is a band version of "Hair of a Dog", a great track that was only released as a solo acoustic version on "Just Before Dark".

  1. Canned Hunt (Solo Guitar)
  2. Girly Worm (Duet with Kelly Jones)
  3. Not So Bad at All (Band Version)
  4. Beautiful Ride (Solo Guitar)
  5. Sparkle (Solo Piano)
  6. Let's Have a Baby (Band Version)
  7. I'm Not Over You (Solo Guitar)
  8. What to Do with Michael (Solo Piano)
  9. Hair of a Dog (Band Version)
  10. A Way to Say Goodbye (Duet with Kelly Jones)