Temple of Static

      by Mike Viola

TrackTitleWritten By
1 Cut & DryMike Viola
2 Getting Down To The WireMike Viola
3 Mayak 204 BoxMike Viola
4 Frank Viola & The AliensMike Viola
5 End of SummerMike Viola
6 Operating on the Same WavelengthMike Viola
7 Beach HeadMike Viola
8 Promise Not To LaughMike Viola
9 Preparatory MenMike Viola
10 Lonnie You’re All Fucked Up InsideMike Viola
11 Accordion Drop ClothMike Viola
12 PerisphereMike Viola
13 AEIOU, It’s A Hell of a Way To GoMike Viola
14 TrilonMike Viola
15 We ListenedMike Viola
16 Failure To QuitMike Viola



An album recorded in the winter of 2001 while waiting for Play With Your Head to be released, Temple Of Static employs the talents of the most overlooked member of the Candy Butchers: the lopping, whirring, gurgling noisebot dubbed "mikeviola2". A self-released effort, the record houses sixteen tracks, half electronica instrumentals and half synth pop numbers. It is by far the wackiest and most self-indulgent album Mike has made (you can pretty much decipher his five favorite records from the 1980's once you give it a listen), but it's also a hell of a lot of fun to indulge.