Girl In My Hair

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Producer, Performer

This Song Appears On:

2002Live at The SpaceLive Audio
2001The Demo CollectionDemos
2000Live at FezLive Audio
1996Blue Thumb Demo TapesDemos
1995Live at The Cooler (1995)Live Audio



Sift the music from the sand
The parking lot has spilled onto the beach
On the beach the girls look better lying down

Wash away the solarcaine
The shower peals the skin right off her back
On my back, the girl's so heavy to carry around, around

But since I have come this far
The summer that ends must start
I wanna fall in love with the girl in my hair

Her copper tan fades to red
A stickleback rears his head 
I wanna fall in love with the girl in my hair

Surf the airways for a song
The seventies helped Saturday's too wrong
All along the girl dripped poison in my ear

Tongue taut as a trampoline
She tries the summer salt to impress me
Pressed to me a rose inside a book I'll never ever read

She pours the sand from her shoe
Says time's running out on you
I wanna fall in love with the girl in my hair

Froze like a frightened doe
My dear in the dashboard glow
I wanna fall in love with the girl

She's got to be
Right under my skin
I'm falling free, no sign of landing
No one's around
I'm tempted to tie her down

To tie her down

Tiger lily on the chin
She likes the taste of blood, the taste of men
Thanks to me her end of summer is turning around around
But now I'm back where I've been
The parking lot's full of friends
But nobody clings to me like the girl
The girl in my hair