Baby, I Tried

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Performer

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Time flew high above us, love was sweet
Love was sweet
We danced through the streets, just you and me
Just you and me
It was those late March winds that brought love to our eyes
And that soft yellow moon
Watched as our love died
Through April rains we cried goodbye

Baby I tried
I tried

Sun drenched summer days were painted gold
Were painted gold
Dark tan, sandy shoulders for me to hold
For me to hold
Trapped in the hot sticky room of the August air
We closed our lips with velvet prayers
Bright sun closed our eyes
Love is blind

Baby I tried
I tried

Foolish fever stung by winter's chill
By winter's chill
Struck down frozen love like icicles
Like icicles
And if I screamed for our love
With a thundering rage
The ice won't shatter
And the sky won't change
Seasons pass love by goodbye

Baby I Tried
I tried