Unexpected Traffic

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Producer, Performer

This Song Appears On:

2014StageIt Show #31 - 2014-02-07 (Every Week #6) StageIt.com
2013StageIt Show #25 - 2013-12-04StageIt.com
2013Black Friday - Live at Joe's Pub - Nov 29, 2013Live Audio, Live Show Video
2013StageIt Show #22 - 04-17-2013Live Audio, StageIt.com
2012StageIt Show #7 - 09-12-2012Live Audio, StageIt.com
2010Hang on Mike (Vinyl Re-issue)Studio Album
2006Live at The Loft (XM Radio)Live Audio
2004Hang on Mike - Live at Joe's Pub (1-27-2004)Live Show Video
2004Hang on MikeStudio Album
2004Idée FixeDemos, Outtakes
2003Hang On Mike (Advance)Studio Album



I have hit this stage before

I have waltzed through closing doors
Convinced myself that I am free
Minutes after heavy rain
When the sun comes out again
To rearrange the sky over me

The trouble comes on
In a flood of fear
Like unexpected traffic
Where even a smile
Of strength appears
Unexpectedly tragic

I have hit this stage before
I've exhausted myself for
A chance to get at something real
Finger picking my guitar
Out here on the road doing my own thing
Convinced myself I'm free