Water By The Bed

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Producer, Performer

This Song Appears On:

2011Chemical NightFan Compilation Album
2010Hang On Mike (Bonus Material)Outtakes
2007SmotherMovie Soundtrack



I will be home late
So go to sleep and leave the light on
Don’t you stay awake
So you can fall asleep in my arms

I bet you’ll wear my old t-shirt
To keep you company
Put water by the bed
One for you and one for me

Twisted in the sheets
A shaft of light just makes you restless
When you try to read
Every word just sounds so senseless

Tomorrow always feels
Like a complicated mess
Your mind starts racing
As you lie alone in bed

I won’t be coming home
So go to sleep don’t leave the light on
I’ll call you from the road
To say goodnight, see you tomorrow

The radio alarm
Will wake you up at six-thirty
Water by the bed
One for you and one for me