Catch Your Breath

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Producer, Performer
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Catch your breath
we're leaving now
we're gonna run out of this cardboard town
we'll leave behind
the shelter of the suburbs
I've got plans

The highway whispers
through the woods
it carries freedom
from this neighborhood
we'll hitch a ride
before our parents wake up
we'll be gone

The morning's so cold
it's warm in every household
where friends sleep for school
but we're not dreaming
oh why are you shaking?

I promise you
I mailed this man
a downpayment for a cold water flat
it's not so clean
it's where we'll sleep together
please have patience

Commuter cars
are crawling by
it's getting late I hope we catch a ride
your fidgety
your eyes are slightly swollen
please don't cry

A station wagon
red brake lights flashing
the car's familiar
oh it's my father
oh please don't give up
oh please don't give up