279 East 10th Street

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Producer, Performer

This Song Appears On:

2014Unsung Heroes: A Celebration of Mike ViolaLive Audio
2012StageIt Show #14 - 10-24-2012Live Audio, StageIt.com
2012StageIt Show #2 - 08-08-2012Live Audio, StageIt.com
2011Live at Joe's Pub - April 1, 2011Live Show Video
2007LurchStudio Album
2007Lurch (Japanese Release)Studio Album



About eleven years ago
Turned the key to the Winnebago
279,  279
Musicians crashed out on the floor
Always an open door at
279,  279

We had a good run
But now we're done
We gotta get lost
Before they change the locks at
279 East 10th Street

Let's have a round of vodka tonics
Meet me in the garden
One last time at 279
We're packing up our memories
Don't bother looking for me
279,  279

We had a good run
But now we're done
We had a good time
But now it's time to say goodbye to
279 , 279
279 East 10th Street