Dangerously Close

Written By: Mike Viola
Mike Viola Involvement: Writer, Producer, Performer

This Song Appears On:

2013StageIt Show #21 - 04-11-2013Live Audio, StageIt.com
2013StageIt Show #20 - 03-06-2013Live Audio, StageIt.com
2010Live in Hollywood, CA (9-15-2010)Live Audio
2007LurchStudio Album
2007Lurch (Japanese Release)Studio Album



I'm dangerously close to what really hurts
I tell myself it'll be okay
But when I try to fall asleep
It's a different story
Water flows underneath the bridge
The wind blows insects and flowers
And here goes nothing at all

Love is all around like it's always been
I've never had a problem picking up the tab
Putting out a fire or hailing a cab
At 4am the gears begin grinding
I hate myself for even trying
But here goes nothing at all 

The band is waiting in the wings
I bet they sound so much tighter from touring
The house lights dim, an audience cheers
I wake up to the rain, it falls in sheets
Sneak out of bed put on a record
Alton Ellis, the sould of Jamaica